Adult Study

“In essentials, Unity; in non-essentials, Liberty; and in all things, Charity.”

Paul in Study. 16th Century Anonymous

Adult Study at First Christian Church Berryville is comprised of classroom Sunday School, small group Bible Study, and reflective reading and meditation by individuals. Sunday School takes place at 9:30 AM Sunday mornings, one hour before Fellowship. Bible Study is scheduled weekly on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm, and is led by Pastor. Here, participants take one book of the Bible at a time and do a verse by verse study of the book over several weeks, which includes time for discussion and various opinions.

The range of bibles used by members is fairly wide but the New International Version (NIV) is most frequently used by discussion groups and at Sunday School. Our discussion leaders also use various Commentaries and supporting materials to enhance learning and discussion.

The Nine Ways of Spiritual Growth

William Blake. Ancient of Days

Members of First Christian Church Berryville also participate in study and application of “The Nine Ways of Spiritual Growth” to maintain an ongoing process of both individual and congregational transformation into greater and greater degrees of likeness to Jesus Christ.

The Nine Ways are:
1. Pray Daily
2. Study Daily
3. Worship Weekly
4. Fellowship Regularly
5. Serve Regularly
6. Give Honorably
7. Share Your Faith Intentionally
8. Show Compassion Regularly
9. Be Spiritually Honest

Adult study at First Christian Church Berryville is open to any teenager, young adult or adult who affirms one another’s journeys of faith as sisters and brothers in Christ.